"What is that glob thing on my egg? And is it good for you.......?"

"What is that glob thing on my egg? And is it good for you.......?"

What is chalaza? Is it good for you? Who really knows, there are two sides of opinion. Some say its nutritious and fine, others say it’s a host for influenza viruses…
Personally I don’t know. All I know is if you take a close look at it, there’s a good chance you’d want it off. It can be visually repelling for one’s appetite

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Our Opinion:

It's recommended egg chalaza should be removed.  The highest concentration of sialic acid is in the yolk chalaza membrane. The mucus creates a perfect nesting ground to this 9 carbon-sugar molecule allowing it to bind well to pathogens.  Sialic acid is involved in the binding of a variety of toxins to cells, especially influenza.  Extensive research is needed to confirm the chalaza does not contribute to the spread of influenza viruses. Eggs are extremely nutritious, however we are not comfortable with the chalaza pearl. Until we know for sure, we're comfortable removing it.

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