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Most people don't notice that glob on their egg...but some people do. And they want it off!

What is it? It's called chalaza. Chalaza is surrounded by mucus membrane.
Just take a close look at it. Is there any wonder why some people want this removed?
This is a new kitchen utensil, invented and manufactured in Canada, released on June 20th, 2023. It has been engineered to instantly remove chalaza membrane off of the egg yolk. Simple. Efficient.
Also picks up most broken and fragmented eggshells.
This specialty tool was invented for the very small part of the population that prefers to enjoy their eggs with this nasty thing off.

Buy 3, receive free shipping.

Makes a perfect, affordable gift to those who seek "the perfect egg".

It literally only takes 2 seconds to remove it.

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Why Choose Us

Our mission is to have the best egg chalaza membrane
removal tool in the world.

  • Easy to use. Simply locate, squeeze, pull and dispose.  Works in
  • Picks up broken eggshells with ease.
  • FDA Approved Heat Resistant Nylon 350 F.
  • Works as a perfect serving tong for fine foods
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.
  • Free delivery to US and Canada when sent by post (slight extra cost for international)
  • Eco-friendly packaging and design
  • An affordable gift for those who love to cook, bake or ones with impeccable tastes.
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