What is that glob on my egg?

This tool was invented solely to remove that nasty glob of chalaza off of the egg yolk.  It's believed to be the only egg tool of its kind in the world. 
And it actually works!  If you're one of the very few people in the world that prefers to have this nasty little thing off, then this egg utensil will be a valuable tool in your kitchen.  
If that glob is big, that means your egg is fresh and tasty.  If the glob is small, that's natures way of saying the egg is old and dehydrated.  The New Yolk egg tool is not designed to remove the chalaza membrane off of dehydrated aged eggs.  It's made to gently grab and pull the fresh chalaza, without breaking the yolk.
The NewYolk egg tool is the replacement for our stainless steel EggRight tool.  This new version works with precision accuracy and works first time, every time.