The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Egg Chalaza

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Egg Chalaza

What is Egg Chalaza?

Egg chalaza is a gel-like structure that holds the yolk in place within the egg. It is composed of twisted strands of egg white proteins and is located at both ends of the yolk. The chalaza helps to keep the yolk centered and stable, preventing it from moving around inside the egg.

Why is Egg Chalaza Important?

The presence of chalaza in eggs is a sign of freshness. The more prominent and well-defined the chalaza, the fresher the egg. When you crack open a fresh egg, you will notice that the chalaza is thick and distinct. As the egg ages, the chalaza becomes less visible and more liquid-like.

How Does Egg Chalaza Form?

During the formation of an egg, the chalaza is created as the egg white proteins twist and bind together. As the egg develops, the chalaza becomes more defined and helps to anchor the yolk in place.

Can You Eat Egg Chalaza?

Yes, egg chalaza is safe to eat and is often consumed along with the rest of the egg. It is tasteless and does not affect the texture of the cooked egg. However, some people prefer to remove the chalaza before cooking for aesthetic reasons.

How to Identify Egg Chalaza?

To identify the chalaza in an egg, you can look for two white, rope-like strands on either side of the yolk. These strands are the chalaza and can be seen when you crack open a fresh egg.


Egg chalaza plays an important role in maintaining the freshness and stability of eggs. Understanding its purpose and characteristics can help you identify fresh eggs and appreciate the science behind egg formation.

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